London vigil to remember victims of al-Mab’ojah and all massacres in Syria

Syria Peace & Justice and friends will hold a vigil on Wednesday 15 April, from 6.30 to 8pm outside the National Gallery at the north end of Trafalgar Square.
We will remember the victims of all massacres in Syria, not least the 45+ people – a number of them women and children – brutally killed during the assault by the Islamic State on the village of al-Mab’ojah, near the city of Salamieh, Hama province, on 31st March, 2015.[1] We will also remember all the civilians and combatants on all sides killed, injured, displaced, kidnapped and tortured during the brutal 4-year-old conflict in Syria and express our hope that the fighting will come to an end soon.
Feel free to bring candles.
1. The death toll of the massacre committed by IS in al- Mab’ojah village rises to 45 people.
April 1, 2015 – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
In peace, love and solidarity,
Syria Peace & Justice

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