‘Salut’ from Sail4Syria in Lyon

It is over 4 months since we departed from London.  Since then we have travelled over 1200 KM (Kilometeres sounds better than the miles version!).  Most of this has been spent rowing through the canals and waterways that traverse France.

We arrived in Lyon just over 1 week ago.  Its impossible to predict what will happen when you arrive anywhere but so far we have consistently been greeted with warm and kindness by people with have encountered.  Without this support we would not be able to continue.

Prior to arriving in Lyon we stopped in Macon, a town of 200,000 people which is next to the Saone river.  During our stay in Macon we had a chance to carry out a small peace vigil for Syria.  It was a good oppurtunity to talk about the project with people who we encountered.

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In Lyon, we attended a peace rally at the Monument to the Dead of World War 1.   Several French based peace and civic society groups were in attendance including:

It was a good oppurtunity to meet activists who share the same views on the situation in Syria and the Middle East and who propose a peaceful response as well.

On Saturday 15th Nov, we attended the ’11th Village of International Solidarity’ in the Place Bellcour in Lyon.  This years theme was on the subject of farming: supply and consumption.  It was a very positive event with many great groups present who are working hard to solve many issues including sustainable food production, climate change and equality for farmers.  We were able to share a stand with a kind group and collect some messages of peace and solidarity with the Syrian people from those in attendance.

After this we held a very peaceful and positive vigil for peace and justice for those in Syria in the Place Bellcour with the Lyon member’s of ‘Le Mouvement de la Paix’.  Almost all people we meet share the view that continuing to pour weapons in the Syrian conflict and the Middle East will not bring peace.

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