Syria Film & Food.



Come and enjoy delicious hot food, cake and a thought-provoking film about the civil war in Syria and its impact on the lives of children (Think of the children!).

And… bring yer wallets! We’re raising money to help fund a magazine written by Syrian refugee kids.

~ Full Details of the Evening ~

19:00 – Food and welcome (Bring a plate and a mug)

Brief introduction to Syrian Eyes, Syria Peace and Justice and the background to the conflict in Syria.

Syria Peace & Justice are currently seeking to raise £1200 to sponsor the production of a children’s magazine. The content of the magazine will be written and edited entirely by Syrian refugee children living in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon and aims to give an outlet to their creativity and provide a source of entertainment. Syria P&J aim to reach the target amount by 1st January 2015.

This project is being conducted in co-operation with the group ‘Syrian Eyes’: a grass roots group made up of mostly young non-paid Syrian refugees based in the Beqaa valley in Lebanon who formed in October 2013 with the aim of identifying and providing for the needs of Syrian refugee families in Lebanon and is entirely volunteer run. Since that time they have also assisted the UNHCR by helping to deliver aid packages to many different refugee camps.


20:00 – Film screening: Children on the Frontline (48mins, 2014)

The children of Syria are often the forgotten victims in the ongoing civil war. More than 11,000 children have been killed and over a million are now refugees.

Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, has become engulfed by fighting between pro- and anti-regime groups and over 2000 children have been killed there. Schools have shut, food is in serious shortage and there is the constant threat of shelling, sniper fire and kidnap.

This Dispatches documentary tells the story of five young children whose lives have been changed forever by the war in Syria: young sisters Helen, Farah and Sara and their brother Mohammed, whose father is a rebel commander in Aleppo; and Aboude, a singer and poster boy for the Syrian.

All five have shown amazing resilience, forsaking their innocence and adapting to life, as the world around them slips into greater chaos and anarchy.


21:00 – Q&A and discussion with guests, including the activist group Syria Peace & Justice. Plus an update on Simon Moore (House 11) and his sailing trip to Lebanon in solidarity with the Syrian people.


Donations welcome all evening. For more info, ask Dave Charles (House 8).

Sail4Syria. (Voile pour La Syrie).

Défiler vers le bas pour la traduction Française...

Maria Gallastegui and Simon Moore embarked on the 12 of July on a sailing voyage from London to Beirut in ‘Rumi’ a Wayfarer Sailing boat. We arrived in Calais on Monday the 4th of August and are currently rowing through the French canals to the Mediterranean Sea.  We will be passing through Rheims, Dijon, Lyon and Marseille.

We are keen to meet up with like minded people and groups to take part in solidarity actions for  peace and justice in Syria.

Please contact us (Maria G and Simon) by phone on: +33 (0) 785 99 15 21

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The aims of Sail4Syria (S4S), which is a project of London-based Syria Peace & Justice (SPJ) are as follows: [1]·
  • To show solidarity with people whose lives have been torn apart by the crisis in Syria, including those still living in war zones and besieged areas and the more than 2.5 million refugees dispersed mainly around neighbouring countries, including Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey;·
  • To build networks with and support grassroots organisations and communities inside and outside Syria working to address the serious humanitarian and societal issues created by the crisis, as well as those working non-violently for positive democratic change within Syria; [2]
  • To publicise our call for an end to the fuelling and intensifying of the conflict by various governments including UK, USA, Russia, Iran, Qatar, Saudia Arabia and Turkey who have been facilitating the flow of weapons and military equipment into the country to all sides, [3] and without taking their full share of responsibility for the ensuing humanitarian crisis. [4]

SPJ is calling for non-violent action to highlight and challenge the above behaviour and encourage a responsible, compassionate and peaceful approach to the Syria crisis from the international community.

The S4S team is seeking to link up with like-minded groups and individuals as it passes through various cities, towns and villages along its route.

S4S is sponsoring a children’s activity project for Syrian refugee children, in co-ordination with Syrian Eyes. [2]  For more about this project, please click here.

For media enquiries or further information, please contact: syriapeaceandjustice [at]


Simon and Maria G (France) +33 (0) 785 99 15 21;
Dan (UK – enquiries in English only): +44 (0)7506 234 091 / +44 (0)7774 543 818;
Maria F (UK – enquiries in French, Spanish, Arabic or English): +44 (0)7580 521 411

Notes to editor:

1. Syria Peace & Justice (SPJ) is an open, London-based non-sectarian grassroots group, formed in October 2013. It wishes to promote a peaceful end to the terrible conflict in Syria and justice and human rights for all of its people.

More information about the group and updates on the progress of the Sail4Syria (S4S) voyage can be found at:


2. SPJ and S4S are currently supporting one group called Syrian Eyes, which is made up of mostly young unpaid Syrian refugees who dedicate their time to providing for the needs of the Syrian refugee families in Lebanon.

Syrian Eyes’ main method of communication with the wider world is through their Facebook page. This is mostly written in Arabic, but does allow non-Arabic speakers to see many photos illustrating their activities in Lebanon. Syrian Eyes describes itself thus*:

“Seeks to provide immediate relief assistance to the displaced people in the Syrian refugee camps in the State of brotherly Lebanon, in addition to the establishment of a small development projects to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of these camps as much as possible.
*auto-translation from Arabic;



 La traduction Francaise:
Maria Gallastegui et Simon Moore sommes partis, le 12 Juillet 2014, dans un voyage de Londres à Beirut, à bord de ´Rumi’, un voilier Wayfarer dinghy de 16 pieds (4,8 m).
Nous sommes arrivés à Calais le lundi 4 Août et actuellement ramons à travers les canaux françaises à la mer Méditerranée. Nous serons en passant par Reims, Dijon, Lyon et Marseille.
Nous souhaitons rencontrer des gens et des groupes aux vues similaires à participer à des actions de solidarité pour la paix et la justice en Syrie.
S’il vous plaît contactez-nous par téléphone au: +33 (0) 785 99 15 21
Les objectifs de Sail4Syria (S4S), qui est un projet de la Syrie la paix et la justice (SPJ), basé à Londres sont les suivantes: [1] ·
  •  Faire preuve de solidarité avec les personnes dont les vies ont été déchirées par la crise en Syrie, y compris ceux qui vivent encore dans des zones de guerre et les zones assiégées et les plus de 2,5 millions de réfugiés dispersés pays principalement autour de voisins, dont l’Irak, la Jordanie, le Liban et la Turquie; · 
  • Pour créer des réseaux avec et soutenir les organisations et les communautés à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur Syrie de travail pour aborder les questions humanitaires et sociales graves créés par la crise de base, ainsi que ceux qui travaillent de façon non violente pour le changement démocratique positif en Syrie; [2] 
  • Pour connaître notre appel pour la fin de l ‘alimentation et l’intensification du conflit par les différents gouvernements, y compris au Royaume-Uni, Etats-Unis, la Russie, l’Iran, le Qatar, l’Arabie saoudite et la Turquie qui ont été facilite le flux d’armes et de matériel militaire dans le pays de tous les côtés , [3] et sans prendre pleinement leur part de responsabilité dans la crise humanitaire qui a suivi. [4]

SPJ appelle à une action nonviolente pour mettre en évidence et de contester le comportement ci-dessus et d’encourager une approche responsable, compatissant et pacifique à la crise en Syrie de la communauté internationale.

L’équipe S4S cherche à établir des liens avec des groupes et des individus semblables qui passe dans différents villes et villages le long de son itinéraire.

S4S parraine le projet d’activités pour les enfants pour les enfants de réfugiés syriens, en coordination avec le groupe: ‘Syrian Eyes’. [2] Pour plus sur ce projet, s’il vous plaît cliquez ici.

Pour les demandes des médias ou de plus amples informations, s’il vous plaît contacter: syriapeaceandjustice [at]


Simon & Maria (de mobile français) +33 (0) 785 99 15 21

ou Dan (UK-based): +44 (0) 7506 234 091 / +44 (0) 7774 543 818

Notes à l’éditeur:

1. Syrie Paix et Justice (SPJ) est un groupe ouvert, basé à Londres, nonsectaire base, formé en Octobre 2013 Il souhaite promouvoir une issue pacifique à la terrible conflit en Syrie et de la justice et des droits humains pour tous ses habitants .

Plus d’informations sur le groupe et les mises à jour sur les progrès de la Sail4Syria (S4S) voyage peut être trouvé à: ou

2. SPJ et S4S soutiennent actuellement un groupe appelé ‘Syrian Eyes’, qui est composé principalement de jeunes réfugiés syriens non rémunérés qui consacrent leur temps à fournir pour les besoins des familles de réfugiés syriens au Liban.

Principale méthode de ‘Syrian Eyes’ de communication avec le reste du monde à travers leur page Facebook. Cela est principalement écrit en arabe, mais ne permet non arabophones à voir de nombreuses photos illustrant leurs activités au Liban. ‘Syrian Eyes’ se décrit ainsi *:

«Cherche à obtenir une aide d’urgence immédiate aux personnes déplacées dans les camps de réfugiés syriens dans l’État de Liban frère, en plus de la création d’un des petits projets de développement visant à améliorer les conditions de vie des habitants de ces camps, autant que possible.”
* auto-traduction de l’arabe;

Sail4Syria: fuelled by ‘People Power’…

On the beach at St Margaret's Bay, near Dover.  With supportive local people.

On the beach at St Margaret’s Bay, near Dover. With supportive local people.  04/08/14

Sail4Syria is being carried out on a shoestring budget and could not be possible without all the kind assistance of people who we have encountered along the way.  People have provided support in a variety of ways.  Included below are some of the people and groups who have kept us going…

April 2014.

Thanks to Robert Hoare for his help and assistance in transporting the little boat ‘Rumi’ to the River Thames in Eynsham Oxfordshire.

Thanks to Ben at the ‘Fibreglass Shop’ in Brentford for generously donating fibreglass and assosiated material, to make good the boat!

Also thanks to John and Anne-Marie from ‘Edge Sails’ who donated our main sail.

The main sail has 3 reefing points allowing us to sail in a much safer way than the sail we originally had.

Thanks to the community spirit of Brentford residence and local boat owners.

12th July – Official departure.Thanks to the great assistance from Chris Roper (East London Against the Arms Fair) and John Kenton who assisted in our launch from Gabriels Wharf, South Bank London.

Thanks to all who came to see us off, friends and family.

13th July -Thanks to ‘Baraccuda Bill’ residing at the South Docks Marina.

Also we need to mention a kindly concern from Ian and Ricky from a Port of London Authority vessel.

14th July Gravesend Sailing Club

Needed assistance from the Gravesend Sailing Club as our ‘centre board’ has become jammed and we are unable to drop the centre board for safe sailing. They volunteered the availability of their on-site crane. We were able to lift ‘Rumi’ out of the water. We discovered several chips in the hull which had to be repaired with fibreglass. The centre board was freed up and functioning well.

Thanks to John,( also known as Fred ) Ron, Bob, Colin and all members of the sailing club who accommodated our presence in a noble spirit.

20th July – Gravesend to Queensborough, Isle of Sheppey.

It was a beautiful day when we departed. On closing on Garrets Point the weather turned foul and we had to battle high winds and strong lashing rain. On heading towards Queensborough we had to take to oars as the wind suddenly dropped. We were very grateful to an offer of a tow from a French yacht and two kindly French ‘gentlemen’ Vive le France!

Queensborough 20th July – 24th July

Had to carry out essential repairs. Stayed on a galleon owned and built by Cap’n Lee who gave great advise and assistance and also breakfast!

27th – 29th Margate

Adverse weather, taken in the care of ‘Margate Yacht Club’

Thanks for shelter and assistance Peter, Sue and Jason!

29th – 31st July Ramsgate.

Thanks to the help and assistance from the staff of the ‘Harbour Office’ at Port of Ramsgate.

Thanks to Penny and Donna from the ‘Seamans Chapel’ who will be praying for us during our voyage.

31st July St Margarets Bay, Dover

Thanks to the local community including Nigel and Neil who came to our assistance and who supported us during the time we spent at St Margarets Bay. We had to wait for a ‘good weather’ window for our attempt at the Channel crossing.

4th July Depart for Calais.

At 3.20pm we departed St Margarets Bay. Said farewell the our friends Fred, Julian, Julie, and co.

Escorted by Skipper Marcus and crew David, Richard, and Helen from the ‘Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club’ thanks for your great help and assistance.

Arrived in Calais safe and sound!