Report of our Vigil for Peace in Syria on 12th February 2014

12-02-2014 peacevigil

In total there were 11 people who turned out to brave the icy winds and bring a message of peace (in the form of banners and placards) to Trafalgar Square.
Despite the weather there were quite a few people around, some of whom offered positive words of support, on one occasion very profusely.
A pair of young, female media students came and took photographs of the vigil, and were happy to take a couple of our flyers too.
A roller-blader who, much like the one of the buskers during our previous vigil here, seemed to want to monopolise the top tier as his own personal practice space, provided the only tense interaction during the whole two hours that we were present.
There was a general consensus that a candlit vigil would not be practical, given the strong winds we were experiencing. Instead, it was agreed that about 6 peace brothers and sisters would undertake an impromptu peace walk to nearby Leicester Square while the remaining 5 maintained the vigil in Trafalgar Square.
The group that took part in the peace walk seem to have found it to be a generally positive experience, and when they had returned to the main vigil we formed a circle and shared five minutes of silent reflection for the people in Syria, including the many displaced people currently suffering such extreme cold and hunger in refugee camps. After this our peace brother Earthian kicked off the group meeting, during which we each introduced ourselves and, between shivers, shared our hopes and aspirations for the group, conscious that our own voluntary discomfort was nothing when measured against the unending discomfort of the besieged and displaced population of Syria.


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