London Peace Pilgrimage photos, vids, etc

Thank you very much to all who supported Tuesday’s activities for peace and justice for the people of Syria in central London, on International Human Rights Day. At least thirty people took part in the day’s activities in total, including at least 25 that joined the candlelit vigil outside the Syrian embassy.

Our international group of peace pilgrims included several Syrians, as well as individuals from Canada, Colombia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kurdistan (Iranian part), Montenegro, Sweden, UK and USA.

Here are some pics and reports:

Peter Marshall:

Pilgrimage (both groups):
(n.b. although not mentioned in the above report, we also called at the embassies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, after our stop at the embassy of the USA.)

Syrian embassy vigil:

See Li   (Syrian embassy vigil only):

More pics:

Short vids:

If you have any more photos or footage to share, please send to:   syriapeaceandjustice [at]

Here you can find the text of the letter that we attempted to deliver by hand to the various embassies and offices:

Also check out peace pilgrim extraordinaire Earthian‘s latest blog entry:


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