Open letter to all world embassies

Below you can find the text of the letter that we will attempt to deliver by hand to various world embassies during today’s London Peace Pilgrimage for Syria. We will attempt to deliver it to the following embassies: China, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey and the United States of America. We also plan to hand in a copy (f0r their information) to the London office of the UN High Commission for Refugees, accompanied by a short covering note. In addition, we will attempt to deliver an almost identical version to 10 Downing Street and/or the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We hope that a delegation of our group will have the opportunity to speak with at least some of the ambassadors and officials, or their representatives. All are welcome to join us! See earlier posts for more details.

Open letter to all world embassies:

Syria Peace and Justice
[Address redacted]
syriapeaceandjustice [at]

Tel: 07466 838 320 / 07506 234 091

10th December 2013

A Request from the London Peace Pilgrimage for Syria,
on International Human Rights Day 2013

Your Excellency,

We are a group of global citizens visiting your country’s embassy today because we are deeply concerned about the plight of the people of Syria.

We wish to make a sincere request to your Excellency to spare no effort in helping to achieve the following:

  • An immediate ceasefire, especially in besieged areas with urgent humanitarian needs, and full and unrestricted humanitarian access;
  • All Syrian and foreign parties to urgently address the desperate humanitarian situation and end all human rights abuses without the use of further violence;
  • All countries to make good on their pledges of humanitarian aid to refugees, internally displaced people and others in need within Syria. Those countries that have not yet contributed their fair share to do so without further delay;
  • All foreign countries and other foreign actors to stop fuelling the conflict through the supplying of arms and ammunition, troops and military financing;
  • Political prisoners and arbitrarily-detained persons on all sides to be released immediately, especially women and children;
  • All countries to welcome their fair share of refugees to help reduce the burden on neighbouring countries;
  • A truly inclusive, Syrian-led peace process, including strong representation from all sectors of civil society, not least women’s groups;
  • Full accountability for war crimes and other human rights violations committed by all sides.

We would be most grateful if you could inform us in writing, at your earliest convenience, of the steps you are presently taking, and intend to take in the near future, in respect of the above issues.

In peace,
On behalf of
Syria Peace and Justice, and London Peace Pilgrimage for Syria


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