London Peace Pilgrimage for Syria on Human Rights Day, Tuesday 10th December

The Syria Peace & Justice group is currently in the process of planning a series of actions in London for International Human Rights Day, on Tuesday 10th December.

syria letters turquoise

We will be calling for an immediate ceasefire and a Syrian-led peace process; applying pressure on all parties to address the desperate humanitarian situation and end the grave human rights abuses without the use of further violence; expressing solidarity with Syrian activists non-violently working for peace, freedom, human rights and social justice; and calling on all foreign actors to stop fuelling the conflict through arms supplies and other forms of military interference.

(c) 2013 R. McPherson

Image: CopyLeft 2013 R. McPherson

The ‘Peace Pilgrimage’*, beginning in central London at 12noon, will consist of visits to the embassies of key players in the Syrian crisis, both those supporting and opposing President Assad and his government, as well as the UN High Commission for Refugees and Downing Street / the Foreign Office, ending with a candlelit vigil outside the Syrian embassy in Belgrave Square, from 6pm.

So please keep the date free in your diaries, start spreading the word, and watch this space for more details!

Credit: Syria Peace & Justice group

Credit: Syria Peace & Justice group

The next general meeting of the Syria Peace & Justice group will take place at the London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel on Wednesday 11th December, from 7pm to 9.30pm. Feel free to join us!

* This action will be carried out in conjunction with a month-long ‘London Peace Pilgrimage’ by fellow peace-worker ‘Earthian’, who has travelled extensively to and around the Middle East with no money or passport, in pursuit of peace. You can read his blog here.

Peace pilgrim Earthian (Source:

Peace pilgrim Earthian  (


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